The Flavor of Quality

Award winning, top quality meat comes from generations of quality and tradition. That is just what Nueske’s Meats gives you. Smoked bacon, sausage, turkeys, hams and poultry Applewood smoked for delicious flavor and tenderness. The Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast is amazingly delicious—boneless and fully pre-cooked for easy prep. This healthy choice tasted so great and did not need any dressing up. During the week, I really appreciated the short time it made to have a restaurant quality breast of chicken. The other Nueske meat that you have to get your hands on (you can do this on their online retail store) is their Canadian Bacon. It is also Applewood smoked for a fantastic flavor, hand trimmed (very lean), fully cooked and perfect for eggs benedict, breakfast sandwiches or a breakfast side.