Old Fashioned

Some of the BEST old fashioned kettle cooked chips comes from Cape Cod Potato Chips. The Cape Cod creators use only the best premium ingredients from the fresh potatoes that were just picked out of the east coast farmers fields to the way they cook the potato in small kettles which allows for easy access to check the quality and flavor. The Cape Cod Potato Chip company has a very wide variety of flavors including classic (one of my favorites), sea salt and vinegar, sweet and spicy jalapeno, sweet mesquite barbeque, sour cream and green onion, parmesan and roasted garlic, and five cheese just to name a few. I’m also a huge fan of the five cheese flavor this potato chip goes great with all the summer cookouts that I host. If you like cheese even a little bit, you will love the five cheese chip. The five cheese chip is produces with Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese all five of these cheeses blended together is like a party just waiting to happen!!!! If you are a potato chip fan you NEED to try these all natural fresh chips.