Specific Cravings

I was so excited to try Michelina's frozen meals--- perfect for taking to work AND they cater to my very specific pregnancy cravings! They have tons and tons of entrees to choose from in their various product lines that include: Authentico, Traiditional Recipes, Lean Gourmet, Budget Gourmet, Snack Rolls as well as a bunch of new products. The meal I chose was Spaghetti Marinara-- the saucy was sweet with a good tomato tang and the noodles were cooked perfectly. The whole meal only had 250 calories which isn't bad at all for a pasta dish! If you are concerned about the healthy options Michelina's impressed me again by having a "Healthy Options" section right there on the main page where you can dial down entrees by Allergens, Calories, Fat or Sodium. Their Lean Gourmet line is ALWAYS a great choice for a delicious on the go meal. Their site is so up to date with descriptions of each meal along with the nutrition facts so you can make informed decisions. Michelina's makes their meals taste so good by adding fresh ingredients for the best test and topping it with love!