Holey Donuts!

These mouthwatering delights were waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday.

I could not spare one minute before biting into one. I saw the nutritional pamplet and thought it was too good to be true! A low-fat, low-calorie donut?! No way! But yes, its true and they are generous sized and taste supurb. The only difference between the bakery and these is that they are much healthier and they don't leave a greasy film on your fingers. They are boxed so cute and have all different fillings, drippings, sprinkles -- something for everyone! The first one I had was the Boston Creme Pie.

It was light and fluffy with a rich cream on the inside. Topped with vanilla flavored crumb topping for a light boston finish! But I did not stop there, I sampled many of the cute little donut holes! Three heavenly varities and all were delicious. Check out these flavors-- Raspberry Vanilla Truffle, Boston Creme and Lemon Vanilla. There are even more flavors on their website! Oh and just wait for more product reviews of the other flavors and Cinnamon BUNS! Thought you could never eat donuts again??? If you have any sort of sweet tooth order these now people.