Peel your own Snacks!

When you are dining in the tropics the breakfasts include a lot of dehydrated fruits. Prunes, apples, apricots, peaches—you name it! I love breakfast and I love the tropics so when I tried the dried fruit from Peeled Snacks I was rushed back to a tropical oasis with sweet dried fruit as part of my meal. I started with the apples and they were perfect.

Tart and sweet – a bit chewy. Peeled Snacks adds nothing to your fruit so all so everything you taste is all natural. As I quickly moved onto the apricots I was shocked to find that I LOVE apricots! I had never given them a chance before.

I detected a slight cinnamon-ey taste so I checked the bag again and it was JUST the apricots. They were fantastic. I am not sure if Peeled Snacks has a magic Apricot wand or I am a new fan but I will be getting more of these soon. Peeled Snacks also makes: Mangos, Bananas and Pineapples in their colorful and handy single serve packs!