Living Cruelty Free and Fabulous

What you put ON your body is JUST AS IMPORTANT as what you put IN your body. I try to live as cruelty free as possible and hope you will do the same! Please read more on the subject by visiting this website and checking out the articles. In the meantime, take a look at this great find! One with Nature makes hand wash, body wash and lotions in great scents. Not only do they commit to be cruelty free, they are also environmentally friendly using a vegetable base and to top it off they support womens health with their Rose Petal Line in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. So no matter what your passion is One with Nature has you covered. I have the Shea Butter products and simply love them. I am not a fruity or flowery scent person so this one is perfect for me. It is a thick and rich, non-greasyl otion with a pleasureful scent-- the body wash makes my skin feel nourished and clean without a strong after scent. I love these products and no matter what your scent preference I am pretty sure they have you covered from Cherry to Walnut to Granny Smith and Rose Petals they are all here! How tempting!