Aidells – oh nom nom nom

Who would have thought that a blend of Turkey and Chicken could make an Italian style meatball taste better than any I have ever had before? I am in love with Aidells all-natural, health-ified, gourmet meatballs. Now don’t start associating Aidells with JUST meatballs because that is very far from the truth, just what we happened to have first. Their sausage is just as good as the meatballs but I will get to that shortly. I love easy and these were incredible tasting and perfectly simple to prepare. I put them in a pan for a short while, they were already cooked for me so I didn’t have to worry about that and added sauce and voila—I had a perfect meatball. In addition to meatballs and sausages Aidells has breakfast links, char-broilers and a total array of flavors to choose from. For lunch I had to try the chicken and apple sausage, it was too good for words. I was so happy that the package was at home and I was at work because I could have easily had another. There is a reason that Aidell’s taste so good—their choice of ingredients. Aidell’s hand crafts everything in small batches using the finest chicken and turkey meats then adding fruits and vegetables blended with herbs and spices to make the perfect meatball, sausage or patty. This is truly a gourmet delight. You will be amazed at all the flavors they had to offer. I never knew there were so many possibilities!

Step 1—Put in pan
Step 2—Simmer in sauce
Step 3—Serve over noodles
Step 4—Enjoy! Simple and mouthwateringly delicious.