Amy's Soups

Okay—does Amy’s make anything that is not absolutely phenomenal? They have quite a few product lines but I would like to talk about their soups! I have been eating soup like a maniac here lately. The cold, cold Wisconsin winter has really been getting to me and nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. Amy’s doesn’t scrimp on their ingredients either and their soups are so filling and good—they are truly a meal. I had their Spanish Rice & Red Bean, Southwestern Vegetable as well as the Chunky Tomato Bisque. Don’t even ask me to pick a favorite! They were all sooooooooo good. I am not typically a Tomato Soup kind of girl but Amy’s Tomato was different with real chunks of Tomato and perfectly seasoned. The Southwestern had such an array of vegetables and the Spanish Rice & Red Bean was thick and satisfying, it kept me full for hours. When I heated up the Spanish Rice & Red Bean at work it smelled so good that everyone was asking about it! You can find Amy’s products in most grocery stores, health food stores and if not you can find them online.