Cocoa Powder Rocks the World

I am a cocoa powder ADDICT. I use it in my oatmeal, my very own pudding mixtures, add to protein shakes, ice cream, to make sauces, hot chocolate—the list goes on. Equal Exchange does make other stuff too—don’t get me wrong but their cocoa was so rich and chocolately I had to give it an immediate shout out. They also have coffee, chocolate BARS, and snacks like nuts and fruit. Equal Exchange is different from your average retailer though… It is a worker owned Co-op with a huge set of values and ethical trading practices while staying honest, fair and dealing with small farmers who support sustainable practices. I consider myself honored to be able to try their products. Here they are:

Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71% Cacao)

The top seller at our retail web store - a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience. Vegan and gluten-free. 3.5oz per bar.
Organic Baking Cocoa

Our delicious organic Fair Trade certified cocoa baking powder is perfect for brownies, cakes, cookies and countless desserts. The small scale growers of the CONACADO cooperative carefully cultivate their cacao trees with gentle, shade-grown, chemical-free farming methods. This creates the natural environment preferred by cacao trees as well as native wildlife and migratory birds. Then the co-op selects the best beans for special post-harvest processing, including a critical three day fermentation stage. Finally, in Holland, the cocoa nibs are dutch processed to create this premier baking powder. Vegan
Toffee Caramel Coffee

Roast: Medium
Flavor: brown sugar, molasses, toffee and toasted caramel with buttery texture and a creamy finish

Chocolate Bar- 10/10. Rich, dark and smooth just how chocolate should be. I ate a few squares and put the rest in the freezer to save it from myself. It is dark chocolate so just a few squares actually kicks that chocolate craving right in the butt.

Organic Baking Cocoa- 10/10 I can tell when I made my “cocoa-oats” that this cocoa was of a much higher quality than what I usually buy. I used one tablespoon and it gave it just the right amount of chocolate flavor and I did not need much sweetness to off-set that chocolate bitterness that comes with baking cocoa.

Toffee Caramel Coffee- 20/10 Is just as decadent as the name states and then some. I could taste the hints of Toffee and Caramel all in a rich roasted coffee. If you are a coffee lover you have to try this!