A True Original

I am addicted to THIS website. It has an insane amount of products on it that cover everything from politics to health to jokes. You can put anything you want right onto a t-shirt, bag, water bottle, poster, mug -- all of your choice and CUSTOM. I mean the possibilities are absolutely endless. Just when I thought I saw most of the images on there I see a whole other category to check out. It is amazing. So you can find something already created on there or make something totally unique. There are hundreds of ways to search and seemingly endless categories. You can search by topic, popularity, news, sports, tv, animals—you name it. Now personally, I fell madly in love with the huge Fitness/ Exercise section they have. I can not even describe to you how great the things are. I am always hard pressed to find cute tanks that represent females who lift weights, love exercising etc. So I picked up a few of those (will be modeling them on here this weekend), a duffel bag, two canvas She-Devil (see pics) bags and a SIGG water bottle that I heart—it says “No Excuses”. SO SWEET! If you don’t have a SIGG water bottle you should get your hands on one. They are great—big and keep your water cold not to mention totally cool if you get a custom one from CafĂ© Press. Watch for more coming soon on my tanks.