Fountain Of Youth

Or should I say a cup of youth? The benefits of tea have been proclaimed by sources in every country and proven by scientific studies. Now, if someone told you that you could have a lasting solution to weight control over the long haul and contribute to your personal fountain of youth would you deny it? I want to try it out for myself after reading Asti Alexander’s personal weight journey and inspiration for the lineup of teas by Astea Teas. I have always wondered the exact same things that Asti went through when moving to Korea and faced with a whole different style of eating. Instead of losing weight, 40 pounds piled on when everyone around was slim and healthy! What gives? These teas were born after learning that it might be the teas keeping the people around her lighter! Their tea was robust, earthy, organic and rich—just how I found these teas to be. They are nothing like I have ever had before. They did make me feel “lighter” and gave me a boost—I am going with the Sipping Yourself Slim teas. So far, I do feel less bloated, slimmer and more energized to boot! There are three great tea varities all with a different spin on their purpose. Here is a brief description of each from their website—for the full story you have to check it out. If you think you knew all the benefits of sipping on tea, think again. And these teas are really geared towards us who need all the extra help we can get! Taken from website:
Flush It Pu’li detox tea Now I love all my teas immensely, but if I had to pick just one to take on a deserted island, I’d have to pick this one. I carry some with me wherever I go, so I won't miss my after-meal cup. It’s obviously the favorite child. (Indulge me as I to take moment to thank my good friend H who introduced this tea to me at our favorite teahouse in the mountains of Hong Kong.)

This tea can pull all the junk right through you from the fried whatever you had at lunch to the round of dirty martinis you had the night before. Flush It comes from trees that are hundreds of years old in the southwest region of China. And unlike the slimming teas, it only gets better with age. In fact, these teas are a commodity and can be extremely precious — up to $300 dollars (US) per cup!

Flush it has an earthy smell and feel to it

Flush It is our strong silent assassin for detoxifying.

Why Flush It is so special

• Reduce high blood pressure

• Reduce blood sugar levels

• Reduce risk of stroke, heart failure, cancers and diabetes

• Help protect the skin from UV radiation-induced damage and tumor formation

• Delay some forms of aging

• Lower the alcohol content in the blood

Many coffee drinkers will enjoy Pu’li’s rich, deep flavors. Since it has less caffeine than coffee, it is a great alternative for those looking to decrease caffeine intake and enjoy the health benefits of tea.

Lose It Black Dragon slimming tea

Lose It is the beauty queen of teas. It smells the best, has the best color and typically has emerald green leaves that fill a cup as they unfold. In fact, the variety that we currently offer is Gui Fei, which translates to “Concubine” — a fitting name for such a beautiful tea. Gui Fei is semi oxidized as opposed to twice fermented like Flush It. (I personally recommend both teas for a complementary weight loss and detoxing program. It took time to put the weight on and fill your body with toxins so keep in mind it is not going to disappear overnight, however, drinking √§stea will help speed up your new lifestyle change and help kick your organs back into optimally functional levels to once again achieve balance.)

Lose It Black Dragon tea promotes weight loss

Scientific studies have found that it does this by:

• Increasing metabolism to enhance the function of fat metabolism

• Activating the enzyme responsible for dissolving polysaccharides and triglycerides

• Blocking fat metabolism by bonding to the cholesterol, retarding absorption as it goes through the digestive tract.

Black Dragon Tea Boosts Your Metabolism. Throughout the day we munch away on various delicious cuisine and once the digesting process starts the food is broken down into different essentials like carbs, protein, and fat. These are synthesized into triglycerides in the liver and the small intestine, which are then carried in the bloodstream. They take the bloodstream highway throughout your body until they find their exit and a nice landing place- unfortunately they like to settle in our tummy, hips, and thighs. Triglycerides aren’t bad, in fact they are the primary kind of fat contained in the human body as it is used as a source of energy for life support in between meals and physical activities, however, excess amounts of triglycerides will be deposited within fat cells – leading to the condition of obesity which is not the result we are looking for. Keep your body moving and grooving while sipping your tea to keep you slender and healthy.

Black Dragon has the same calorie-burning catechin polyphenols as our Pu’li tea, and along with proper dieting and exercise can help in weight loss. Drinking 2-4 cups a day can also affect thermogenesis — where the body’s core temperature rises slightly resulting in an increased metabolic rate and assist in banishing fat. Several recent studies have suggested that Black Dragon tea may increase the metabolic rate by as much as 20% when used on a daily basis. It appears to do this by increasing the expenditure of energy and promoting the oxidation of body fat stores. Along with thermogenisis is the calorie burning polyphenol EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) widely believed to aid in boosting the resting metabolic rate. √§stea’s Lose It helps control weight and can bring noticeable results to your body both inside and out.

Black Dragon is a great complement to our Pu’li tea for a balanced weight loss program. We are thrilled to bring you some of the finest Blue-green aged teas China has to offer and encourage your spirited exploration.

Flaunt It JinBaiLong stress and weight-management tea

Every now and then — or whenever I come across a true treasure — we’ll be changing up the SpecialTEA. You’ll love this one!!

Being a modern, gal about town (okay, the planet), I’m on the go constantly. Probably just like your life, mine’s go, go, go from the moment I back flip out of bed to the moment I crawl back in umpteen hours later. Even though I try to take time for myself, I’m still stressed from time to time. And because those high and lows are never “scheduled,” I’m thrilled to have found this season’s SpecialTea.

JinBaiLong tea is a weight loss aide as it is said to increase your HGHhuman growth hormone. HGH is a natural hormone that is produced, stored and secreted by the pituitary gland situated at the base of the brain. Resent research has revealed that increasing HGH leads to a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean body mass. Naturally elevating the levels of HGH leads to a significant decrease in fat storage and greater feelings of energy and vigor. As we age, our bodies still produce HGH but not at the same rate in our youth and we were still growing (up vs out). Some scientists believe that decreased levels of HGH are the culprit for the pesky fat that refuses to shed. JinBaiLong signals the pituitary to naturally release HGH thus leading to a leaner sexier you. Last but not least, Flaunt it is an anti ageing aide with its high levels of antioxidants similar to our Lose It tea.

This tea starts out just like our premium slimming tea, cared for beautifully in the high mountains of Asia, and then about 10 days before harvesting it is shaded to produce more glutamic acid amino acid that is naturally produced in the human body. Once harvested it is immediately placed in stainless steal vacuum drums and the oxygen inside is replaced with nitrogen during an 8-hour period at 105°. This process is what makes this tea different than other teas. Out JinBaiLong tea is 100% organic and contains optimal levels — as established by the Japanese government — of amino butyric acids that give it its massive benefits.

Personally, this is my choice for afternoon tea when I need something to take the morning stress away but still give me some pep in my step to finish the day. I usually brew enough for a day or two and keep it in a pitcher in my fridge for a perfect cup of relaxing iced tea. This tea is especially good when I have teatime munchies or get those malicious food cravings that can pack on the pounds. Stress relieving tea? But it is true- Mother nature and science make a great team!

This tea is personally making me feel great. The connection between my increased energy and easier buttoning of my pants (even after a weekend out with friends) means the world to me! Plus I get to drink a tasty treat while flushing and slimming.