Jungle Grub Snack Bars (NOT just for kids)

I was so happy to get my grubby mitts on some of these snack bars. They have become quite popular with their award winning snackablitiy. In each bar they pack twice the protein of the average snack bar all with only 100 calories. Junlge Grub also contains a good source of Calcium and Vitamin C and has less sugar than a glass of milk. Perfect for feeding your little ones or yourself! At 100 calories they really are the perfect adult snacker too. I know so many people exist on those nutritionless 100 calorie “packs” but instead you could be eating something nutrient rich to not only qualm your snack cravings but pack some goodness in there too. The organically grown ingredients make up a great line up of flavors including: Berry Bamboozle, Peanut Butter Groove and our new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Oh and ps—they are also gluten-free! I get so many questions about the benefits of following a gluten free diet and here is a tid-bit directly from their website:

Why do people need to eat Gluten-Free?
There are multiple reasons for following a gluten-free diet. About 1:133 Americans have an intolerance to a wheat protein called gluten, often diagnosed as Celiac disease. Celiac disease symptoms include severe cramping, diarrhea, chronic fatigue and malnutrition if patients are exposed to gluten in their diet. More information regarding Celiac disease can be found at We are proud to offer a delicious and nutritious snack for people of all ages to enjoy that is USDA Organic and Gluten-Free. We hope you enjoy them.