A Sight To See!

Okay, I was literally shocked when I got home the other night. I was totally expecting a package from Diamond Organics but it was so much more than I ever could have imagined. Diamond Organics is an overnight home delivery service that delivers UNREAL organic prepared foods from Kathleen’s Organic Kitchen, Sampler Sets (anything from produce to flowers to meats), Gifts based on Holiday, Dairy Products, Fresh Fruits (VERY high quality), Fresh Veggies, Body Care, Raw Foods… I mean there is SO much and it is SUCH a special service since they cater to every single diet plan I have ever heard of using fresh ingredients from farmers, utilizing a strong set of company values and ensuring top quality with a guarantee on everything you order.

Get your bib ready because you are about to drool, here is what I got: The Wine/Cheese/ Fruit/ Salmon basket sampler- HUGE with fresh fruit, quality organic red wine, Jack Cheese and Smoked Salmon (Salmon warmed with Benzoil).

Then some prepared meals from Kathleen’s (note—I haven’t had to cook in days which is a treat onto itself). I got the Organic Spanakopita, California Sushi Roll (complete with sauce and it was huge—meal sized), Organic Black Bean Enchiladas, Minestrone Soup, Organic Pear Pecan Salad AND the Greek Salad.

Honestly, I was thrilled with every single last morsel. From the tip of my salads, to the insides of my fruit to the flaky layers of the Spanakopita – it was all so fresh, healthy and delicious. Today I made a fabulous fruit salad with two types of fresh pears, apples, oranges and kiwis! I will be enjoying this stuff a long time!