The Yummy Kind

When I think about a Kind Bar I think of the delicious Fruit & Nut variety but there is so much more to the Kind Healthy Snacks line! Not only are they a company with a outstanding principles: ”KIND Snacks was founded on the principle of holistic “KINDness”: you need not sacrifice health for taste, or social mission for financial sustainability, nor your happiness for others.’ KIND Snacks not only helps fight growing health epidemics such as obesity and diabetes, but is totally transparent in its approach to create delicious, healthy food that looks and tastes delicious.

They were “kind” enough to supply me with more flavors than I ever even knew existed—check it out! My favorite by far was the Almond and Cashew PLUS bar – the ULTIMATE bar for nut lovers, enhanced with flaxseeds for a healthy boost. You can buy all these on their website (ppssst they even have some yogurt coated varieties).