Almond Love

I am all about the almonds. Almonds make a great snack that are good for you, help curb your appetite and keep you lean. When I had the chance to taste test Dr. Lankin’s “Awesome Almonds” I was thrilled. These almonds are all-natural, roasted without oils and developed by a physician. After being dry raosted they are flavored with extracts and spices to make up some pretty awesome almonds. The Cinnamon Vanilla variety reminded me of those almonds that they roast at fairs that smell absolutely irresistible (but these are guilt free). The cocoa variety blew me away. Rich and chocolately without all the fat and sugar of chocolate coated almonds. Some other great things about the almonds:

-Our almonds are exclusively from California orchards, the best in the world.
-Gluten-free: no wheat ingredients to aggravate celiac disease.
-Almonds offer protein, unsaturated fat, dietary fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium.
-Almonds are an awesome choice for people who want a heart healthy diet and maintain their weight.
-Certified vegan- no animal products are used. No dairy, no eggs.
Almond is highly nutritious and is recommended for pregnant woman.
Bonus! Did you know that? Dried almond contains the highest amount of calcium among all fruits and vegetables. Wow! Go almonds! (As if we need a reason for eating these besides the taste!)