You definitely do not have to have allergies to appreciate these chewy nut free bars by Tanabar. In your choice of Chocolate Chip, Triple Berry or Sweet Raisin each bar is nut free but still packed with goodies. The Chocolate Chip was my favorite with its main ingredients being rolled oats, honey and sunflower seeds—then accented with chocolate chips, crisp rice and a touch of vanilla. The Triple Berry was the runner up for me having the same main ingredients but then instead of the chocolate chips there were cranberries for extra flavor. Each bar had a great combination of ingredients offering the perfect chewiness with great accents. Each bar is completely safe for those with any tree nut or peanut allergies. In addition to the allergy free bars they have a whole assortment of other chocolates on their site that are also safe and made in small batches to ensure taste and quality. My favorite find on the site?

Angel Service Dog Paws
A delightfully cute package of 22 chocolate dog paws individually wrapped in teal and silver foils that are sure to make you feel good everytime you purchase a bag. Every sale of this product generates a donation to Angel Service Dogs to help support this very worthwhile organization. Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Crispy Chocolate (5.9 oz)
Visit AngelServiceDogs.com to learn more about their efforts.
I love anything and everything to do with animals, I encourage helping them as much as you can. Give that chocolate lover a bag of dog paws for Easter!