Apple Pie Without the Crust

How great does that sound? Can you believe that is the description of applesauce? The Chicago made applesauce lives up to its name and its tradition. Mullen’s applesauce is made by Jim Mullen* using his families very own recipe. It has been his lifelong dream to carry on these great recipes—now you and your family can have a wholesome treat that tastes like “Apple Pie Without the Crust”. The applesauce is a thick, chunky sauce that is made with fresh apples. Then the recipe calls for special spices that give it a unique flavor all its own. I love that they keep the recipe all natural and do not add any unnecessary preservatives either. You will not need any preservatives – one taste and it could not be left sitting in your house.

*Jim Mullen donates a portion of his proceeds to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, a great cause that helps families of Chicago Police Officers who were killed or injured in the line of duty. Great applesauce, great cause.