Ancient Minerals

With the rise of interest in foreign beauty traditions and techniques I was especially intrigued by the products offered by Ancient Minerals. Ancient Minerals features magnesium as a key ingredient in the bathing and skin products. In Chinese culture, magnesium is named the “Beautiful Mineral” and considered to an essential mineral with healing powers. These minerals are present in your body to make for a strong and healthy body so now Ancient Minerals makes topical magnesium products that are pure, concentrated and administered in the form of oil, gel and flakes to:
 Restores cellular magnesium levels
 Natural cellular protectant
 Facilitates safe and effective detoxification
 Relief of aches, pains, spasms
 Elevates mood and relieves stress
 Encourages healthy skin tissue
 Helps maintain proper muscle function
 Boosts energy levels
 Supports a healthy immune system
 Balances the hormonal system
 Calms overactive nerves
 Improves quality of sleep
After soaking in their bath flakes and following up with their gel formula, my muscles felt relaxed while I felt energized and rejuvenated. The gel was especially calming on my highly sensitive skin and within a few uses I noticed less dry skin on my elbows and heels (problem areas for me). Their website is highly informative about the muscular, relaxation and health benefits of magnesium—I highly recommend seeing how this product can benefit you.