You learn something new everyday!

Today I learned that active electrical ions are nature’s own air fresheners. They work by attracting, neutralizing and cleaning the air, specifically the air we breathe. Where did I learn this? From the Mia Rose website! Mia Rose’s mission is “Improving Our Planet Through Positive Household Alternatives" meaning the company sells products that are chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for you, safe for the environment and cruelty free all at the same time while being aromatherapeutic. I love that term – its new to me and I can not wait to fit it into my vocabulary. I had the pleasure of trying out Mia Rose’s non-aerosol home sprays that I am not afraid to spray in my home. I am HOOKED on the Vanilla spray:

AROMATHERAPEUTIC INFLUENCES: Energize Emotions and a Soothing Aphrodisiac.
Inhaling the scent of Vanilla will almost always remind you of home cooking and sweet baked goods. Warming, soothing and elevates passion. Heightens self-esteem and promotes feelings of love and compassion.
In addition to Vanilla they have Spruce, Spearmint, Orange and Lime. The citrus is made using real citrus oils!