Black Jewels, Pizza and Cheese

I got this awesome natural popcorn from Black Jewel—I tried it first so I could toss a little of my popcorn seasoning on the top. First, I tried the popcorn plain—totally delish, simple and so fresh tasting. Then, I tried a few of my varieties of popcorn toppers. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like cheese popcorn? Usually, there is SO much cheese that you have an overload, this is nice because you can control it and put it right on freshly popped corn! There are other flavors like Sour Cream and Chive, Nacho and even a Bacon one. Watch for these premiering soon!

I love love love spicy! It’s a prerequisite for my dinners. When I eat savory foods, I love it spicy and sweet foods really sweet. So I have a pizza shaker too. Here I tried the red pepper flakes and boy were they HOT! YUM! Made an otherwise plain pizza very spicy!