Unique, Practical and Green Artwork

These folding baskets made entirely of recycled chopsticks are truly works of art. In anticipation of getting my basket in the mail I was scrolling through the website reading about “Chopstick Art” and how “25 billion PAIRS” of chopsticks are being thrown away per year. That is a LOT of chopsticks! If you think about this for a while you realize that you can not even begin to grasp human waste as a whole. If that is the impact chopsticks are making then think of all the disposable containers, drink cups and waste we go through daily. It really touched my heart reading how passionate Bryan (the chopstick artist) is about his art. He collects used bamboo chopsticks, sanitizes them and makes beautiful, practical decorative baskets for the home—this is called Kwytza. This is Bryan’s unique idea inspired by his living in China for several years. By doing a little research he found out that 25 million trees and bamboo plants were being used to support this disposable chopstick habit. Reading all this, then getting my basket I felt very emotional and appreciative of this piece of art. It will be lovingly displayed in my home. If you have that eco-conscious, earth loving friend they need one of these. A few more details about my basket—it is super compact and folds perfectly in half for storage. It is the perfect shape to hold fruit, napkins, display items… just about anything. Today it is holding bananas sitting on my countertop. I expect it to be around for a long time giving me a big smile every time I see it. Thank you Bryan for sharing your art with me and your story!