Gettin' Jerky With It

This Jerky is the ultimate one to blog about!!! My friends and I tried it out and boy oh boy was it a hit. They were a little skeptical about the Ostrich Jerky (pleasantly surprised) and excited about the Beef Jerky, they both were very thick and chewy just the way jerky should be. I thought the Beef Jerky would be a better hit than the Ostrich Jerky but they loved the Ostrich (“the ultimate red meat”). The Ostrich Jerky was very flavorful and it is Mountain American Jerky’s highest protein and lowest fat Jerky that they offer. The Beef Jerky is made fresh daily and they have 6, count them, SIX different flavors, including: original, spicy, teriyaki, peppered, habanero, and garlic black pepper. Mountain American Jerky has all their bases covered offering beef, buffalo, salmon, alligator, elk, venison, turkey, and don’t forget the ostrich jerky. Go to their page—they have cheese and non-jerky meats as well.