The Big Skinny

I am an organized person, really I am or at least I try to be. There are a couple of exceptions—my purse and my desk! Those two things are generally both a rash of unnecessary items and clutter. Other than that my house is VERY minimalist and I have nothing out, ever. I enjoy it that way—order makes me more relaxed. A while ago I decided that I needed to get my purse under control. I was constantly digging for my gym card, taking out the wrong credit card, stuck in line unable to find my ID, losing receipts—need I go on? My requirements for a wallet included—no leather, fits nicely in my purse, keeps me very organized and everything is VISIBLE. The Big Skinny wallet fit all my prerequisites and some. The Big Skinny wallets are the World’s Thinnest Wallets! How cool is that? The wallet I ended up going with is the Monte-Cougar in vegan nylon (black). Why did I choose this one? The design was a huge one--
“Our special “divide & conquer” design breaks up your cards into 4 discrete areas so they don’t all stagger on one long row leaving huge lumps. Our designed breakup into 4 general areas means there will be very nice symmetry when your cards are in place and the wallet is shut so you’ll have more of an even, flattish plane rather than “staggered bulges” like all those other out-dated thick regular wallets. Easily thin enough to transfer from purse to purse, backpack to satchel, or it even can be carried just by its skinny sexy self because it is so light. Snaps securely shut, and features an extra long coin compartment on the outside for easy access.”

* 1 general billfold/checkbook area with full-length separator
* 1 general billfold/checkbook area * 8 extra-wide credit card pockets
* 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pockets
* 1 snap
* 1 exterior extra-large gusseted zippered coin pocket
Once I got all my stuff that once bulged out of my previous wallet neatly organized I was so impressed with how light and thin this still was! Its like a magic wallet and has inspired my whole purse to get organized!