Breakfast Pot

I love, love, let me repeat LOVE breakfast! I made some Stevia in the Raw sweetened Oats topped with Think Fruit dried Fruit Snacks in none other than Blueberry. To get a blueberry muffin oat effect I added just a touch of vanilla. Delish! Here is how you can do it!

Boil 1 cup water
Add ½ cup oats
While water is absorbing stir in the oats, while those are cooking add a few packets Stevia in the Raw—stirring frequently. Add in a touch of vanilla (love Watkin’s). At the end I like to throw in a ½ cup egg whites but this is up to you. Then I just cook a bit longer. You an always increase the water a bit and use protein powder instead. At the end of the cooking add in Think Fruit of your choice (comes in an array of delectable flavors) and enjoy. This is a great AM breakfast treat.