Cookie Monster!

Cookies should be considered a food group in my eyes—fresh, healthy ones! Don’t worry, I won’t suggest that you slave over the oven for hours on end trying to find that perfect mixture while maintaining natural ingredients and that true cookie integrity. Instead, order some from Kathy’s Kitchen. At your door you will find her Honey Oatmeal cookies (add either raisins or chocolate chips) sweetened with honey and made with rolled oats—these cookies have the staying power to keep you full for a while too (you can eat them as a breakfast cookie). Kathy isn’t done yet. She also has her Naturally Sweet Gourmet Maple Popcorn flavored with pure natural maple syrup—yum! It is hot air popped versus being popped in oils. And last, but certainly not least—Kathy makes brownies too! They taste like homemade—and are very moist and delicious, while having that deep chocolate taste with a light frosting on the top! They are putting out a brownie mix that you will soon be able to order and cook these brownies at home whenever you would like (this way you can stock up)! I love that I know I am getting a fresh, wholesome product from here and all are made to order.