Odor Eater

With having 2 cats, there may be an accident forthcoming at any time and it’s always good to be safe than sorry. Unique made this whole process of animal accidents “a walk in the park” literally. My cats have not had any problems yet, but if they do I’m ready for them. I have used Unique’s Pet and Odor Stain Eliminator in their litter box and boy oh boy does it ever work good. Instead of using all the products with harmful chemicals in them to get the odor out you have to check out Unique’s Pet products which are all natural and safe for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes. This product will work on all types of surfaces including: carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors and litter boxes!!

I have also tried 2 more of Unique’s Green eco-friendly products the carpet shampoo and the drain cleaner. I’m sure everyone has dropped something on a rug or the carpeting before, right? Unique’s carpet shampoo will eliminate the stain and take the odor away without a lot of the elbow grease included. It’s great just spray and wipe away no scrubbing or brushing involved. The shampoo does not leave a film, does not fade the color of the carpet, and is pet friendly and safe.
Unique’s drain opener unclogs it ALL. You will never believe what one bottle of this solution can do, take a look; stopped drains and sump pumps, slow drains, drain maintenance, septic tanks & septic fields, descaling toilets & garbage disposals, KEEP READING I’M NOT DONE YET, descaling grease traps, descaling swamp cooler lines, clogged air conditioning & soda fountain lines. OK NOW I’M DONE. I use Unique’s drain opener for my shower drain and I have not had a clogged drain yet. This drain opener is all natural and eco-friendly as well as the rest of Unique’s products. If you have not looked at their website, YOU HAVE TO before the end of this blog. They have many other items that would be very useful around your home, office, restaurant and many other places.