Handmade, Always

I am referring to a new food find called BuiltBurger. Gourmet, handmade, all natural, fresh burgers in a multitude of exotic flavors! On my plate you are seeing two of their slider size burgers—“Brilliant” and “Pinnacle”. You can cook these anyway that you would cook a normal burger—grilling, stovetop or oven. Since it is still winter-ish weather outside here in Wisconsin I cooked these on the stovetop and they turned out great and since they are smaller-sized they cooked up quickly! I would love to grill these in the summer-time and can just imagine how great they would be with that added grilled flavor. Here are the descriptions of the flavors I tried—this will inspire you to jump on their website and make your own burger pack, they have tons to choose from (oh and sausages too)!

Brilliant Prosciutto: Undeniably excellent. Begin with all natural beef and be amazed by Italian prosciutto, onions reduced in balsamic, roasted red peppers and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. An excellent balance of salty and sweet. Trust us, you'll be the leader of the grill.
Pinnacle Bacon Bleu: Your new best friend. Indulge in our custom blend of naturally smoked bacon, caramelized onions and mild, smooth Danish bleu. All natural beef mingles wonderfully with ingredients made for each other. Exceed all expectations with this grill wonder.