Experience The Glow

As women we are always looking for ways to look younger and illuminate our natural beauty. If you are reading this I know you are concerned on what you put in your body so now pay attention to what you wear on your body. Everyday most women coat their skin with unknown chemicals, fats and oils trying to make our skin look radiant and youthful yet wondering why we experience breakouts and uneven skin tones. I believe that all the products that we put on our face and skin directly effect the way our skin looks and ages. So if we fill the insides of our body with healthy ingredients we should be topping our body with ingredients of a similar nature. Vapour Beauty has done all the work for us creating a wonderful line of cosmetics and skin care that is always at least 70% organic (the other 30% is reserved for pigments and vitamin E) and is 100% chemical free. They believe that with skincare that you should stay hydrated from the inside, then coat your skin with a moisture system that allows the skin to breathe versus clogging up your pores. Everything on their website just made sense without a load of mumbo jumbo just trying to sell their products. It was real and lined right up with what I have thought all along. Their products are also non-comedogenic which makes them compatible with your skin and designed to avoid breakouts. I am currently using their original product—Atmosphere. It is a foundation stick that glided right on my skin smoothly and really did give me a healthy glow rather than a made up look. Natural really is more beautiful and on their site you will see an extensive range of colors to blend with any skin tone. Their makeup somehow improves not only in evening out your skin but its texture making it smoother and decreasing the look of lines. It is also unique in that you can build up coverage so it can be used as a very light makeup or a more full coverage foundation. I love this makeup and have found the portable stick to be awesome – I can slip it in my bag to take to work for touchups or to reapply if I am going somewhere afterwards. Treat your skin this month and try out Vapour’s Beauty products.