Funky Monkey See, Funky Monkey EAT!

Love the name. Funky Monkey. It could be so many things, it is indeed a great thing—it is the “Fruit that Crunches”. We all know fruit is an integral part of a healthy diet but finding fun ways to fit it in is even better! Funky Monkey snacks are pouches of portable yumminess packing three full servings of fruit in each bag. So what are these crunchy fruit treats? Funky Monkey freeze dries their quality, fresh fruit in a unique way that preserves almost all the flavor and nutrients from the original fresh fruit. It tastes so sweet and delicious but without adding sugar, preservatives, color or flavoring. What they do add is organic fruits and an abundance of crispy crunchy wholesome snacking goodness. If forced to pick a favorite I plead the fifth. They were all soooooo good. Here are your choices: Carnival Mix (banana, papaya, apples and pineapple), Jivealime (pineapple with lime), Bananamon (banana with organic cinnamon), ManjoJ (mango with orange juice), Applemon (apples with organic cinnamon), Pink Pineapple (pineapple with guava), Purple Funk (banana with acai).