Snack Responsibly….

Popcorn, Popcorn, and more Popcorn…… Everyone likes the light, white, fluffy stuff, right? Well, if you weren’t a fan before you should become a fan now. The Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company pops only the best kernels they can find. The Kernels are huge and have a melt in your mouth type of effect. Did I mention that Rocky Mountain also hot air pops their kernels which I think makes the crisp and fluffy taste. This popcorn is an all natural all around great whole grain snack that kids and adults of all ages can snack on and not feel any guilt!!! Rocky Mountain has 7 different flavors for their perfect kernels which include: White Cheddar, Caramel, Kettle Corn, Jalapeño, Butter, Red Chili, and Naked!!!!