If you like Pina Coladas read this (recipe included)

Let me just say this Coconuts are the BOMB! So many people are scared off because of the fat and calories in coconuts but they are good fat and calories! Luckily, I have been seeing coconuts mentioned more and more in the media praising their health benefits. Even Jillian Michael’s interviews she talks about how she incorporates coconuts into her diet and uses coconut milk, eats coconut ice cream (I LOVE Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss). The hard thing about buying coconut juice is that it is usually highly sweetened. Not Amy & Brians! Amy & Brian have come up with a natural coconut beverage that is high in potassium and electrolytes and just plain easy to work with. I love it. It is made from the water of young coconuts and fits perfectly into an active lifestyle. So what to do with it? Well—you can drink it straight from the can, it is quite delicious. OR you can make a high protein morning smoothie like I did! I am going to share my recipe:

AM Coconut Juice Smoothie
1 can Amy & Brian’s Coconut Beverage
2 scoops Twin Lab Vanilla Protein Powder
1 banana
Sweetener of choice
Blend until a creamy smoothie consistency. Two servings.