Nature Makes the Best Candy

Nature truly does make the best candy out there. An abundance of fruits are available for us to enjoy their sweetness. Add in there how good fruit is for you—nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber galore makes for a treat better than any candy out there. I love the name of this company – Naturez Candyz. Candyz Applez rock I must say! It is awesome when you have something that you enjoy all the time like fruit but with a twist! That is exactly what Naturez Candy has done. They have taken fruits like applez, bananaz, apricotz, mangoz, pearz (you name it they have it)- then dried it to perfection—not totally crispy-- they left in a bit of chewy. All the while adding nothing to it – no preservatives, oils, sugars etc… Then they either give you the Candyz as-is or they spice it up a bit with Cinnamon or Coconut (Coconut Bananaz are my fave). It doesn’t get much better than this plus they are committed to coming up with new fruitz snacking ideas and offer seasonal flavors on top of their already extensive selection. This snacking craze began as they realized the NEED for healthy, simple snacks. YUM!