Keeping Skinny

This weekend I went to a small gathering at a friends place. Usually—this is how the night goes: hundreds, perhaps thousands of calories consumed just in fruity beverages only to be followed by an even greater number of calories consumed of food during or after. So this time I brought a bottle of Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, Appletini flavor. With a declaration of zero calories—I was excited. The only additional calories would be from the alcohol you add and you certainly don’t have to! The mix was a bright green and tasted sweet and tart just like an Appletini should. Since I am on a temporary drinking hiatus I was still able to partake in the fun by just have Jordan’s Skinny mix on its own and it was great just like that! Guilt free and fun. The rest of the bunch added some vodka to it and really enjoyed it. I expected only the girls would try it but the guys were drinking it too. Jordan’s makes other flavors of guilt free cocktail mixes like margarita (boasting only 5 calories compared to the average of 300+ in a normal one) and cosmo!