What’s Your Flavor?

If you like trying new things and consider yourself a “foodie” step into a whole new world with Black Star Gourmet. They specialize in the most discriminating tastes all offered in an online store. The selections are very extensive ranging from the healthy indulgences to the truly rich and divine splurges. One thing you can be assured of is the quality of their products and the high level of customer service you will be getting. I am taste testing some of their more health conscious items that you can make a part of your everyday feasts.

Foods offered at Black Star Gourmet are the best of the best collected from all around the world. Even with the selection seen above some of it was foreign to me. What I was most excited to try was the Grapeseed Oil. I have read about Grapeseed Oil and know that it is truly a “specialty” item since the oil is extracted from grapes but oil in very small amounts thus taking a whole lot of grapes to produce the oil. I was surprised when I tasted the oil and it had a nutty flavor to it. I know you can use it to cook but I tossed my salad in it and added a few seasonings. The oil is polyunsaturated and contains the compound linoleic acid.
The Green Tea Forte was just amazing. We all know the health benefits that come from drinking green tea. This tea tasted very fresh, pure and seeped quickly. I have been trying to eliminate any coffee consumption and find myself craving Tea Forte in the morning now!
The other Black Star Gourmet delicacy that I have tried from my selection was the Olives. These were not just ANY olives- not at all. These olives are called Natural Meski Olives & Harissa. They are fine French olives pickled in extra virgin olive oil and spiced with Harissa- a traditional North African condiment made with garlic, chili peppers and spices giving it a little heat. I love spicy, I love olives and I just loved these.