Party in my mouth!

ZENmama has gotten totally creative with her granola. Not that she had to think up fancy names to get me to love this granola. The mix I had was called Mardi-Grasnola! Too funny but it seriously was a party on itown made up of the following (items with stars are certified organic):

~ Rolled oats*
~ Seeds: Pumpkin*, Sesame*, Flax*, Pine Nuts, Sunflower*
~ Nuts: Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Mississippi Pecans, Pistachios*
~ Pink Sea Salt
~ Cinnamon*
~ Unsweetened Shredded coconut*
~ Wildflower honey (from southwestern PA)
~ 100% Pure Maple syrup*
~ Wheat germ
~ Flaxseed meal
~ Currants*
~ Banana Chips*

The banana chips did it for me. They mixed amazingly with the nuts, coconut, maple hint and seeds. I had never seen whole big chunks of banana chips in a granola before this. The ingredients were wholesome, the granola was filling and there was no added oils and it was sweetened with honey. I have to refer to it in the past tense because last night I got home late and had it as my dinner! So then the next morning I woke up thinking about the tiny bit of leftover granola in my bag, I knew it had to be breakfast. I beefed it up a little bit with some Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs and some fiber twigs since there was not much Granola left. It was a great mix but I was sad to see my party over.