Kick it before it kicks you!

I have heard of the chatter about drink mixes that work like a cold prevention—once you feel it start to come on, take it and you can beat your cold to the curb. Does it work? Well, I had the chance to try it just this past week. Runny nose, irriated eyes, scratchy throat—the whole bit. I took some Essence-C drink fizz tablets to work and thought it couldn’t hurt—right? After all, Essence-C is a vitamin mix that is formulated to aid your immune system, especially when its down. I drank it all day—like it was my job and it tasted good, you can pick from Tangerine, Raspberry or Lemon-Lime. Now whether it was just a fluke or it really worked I did not have my symptoms the next day when I was clearing expecting to be laid out in bed. Either way—count me in on using this next time I feel a bug coming on.