In or out of your tub Susan’s Soaps smell fantastic. There is something for everyone in the scent department—whether you are the woodsy type, minty, fruity, flowery—you are covered. Not only do these soaps smell great they are truly all natural, read what they have to say:
When we say all natural soap and skin care we mean:
1. No artificial fragrances or preservatives.
2. No synthetic colorants.
3. No animal fats or animal testing. (I LOVE THIS)
We make our handcrafted products with good-for-your-skin ingredients including essential oils like lavender and chamomile, fixed oils like rice bran and cocoa butter and botanicals like rosemary leaf. Susan's Soaps & More natural soaps and skin care products will help your skin feel great because they were created to help Susan deal successfully with her own skin care issues. Let us help you create your own skin care success story.
Susan’s Soaps features weekly sales, specialty products for men, women and travelers alike. For a soap of such high quality (and free of animal products) they are surprisingly affordable.