Killer Sandwich

“Killer Taste, Killer Texture and Killer Nutrition”
Just lunch but the combo turned out to be great—Dave’s Killer Bread (very grainy and hearty) with Smart Balance Peanut Butter and here is the REAL kicker—Raspberry Pepper Jelly by Aloha From Oregon! Jelly with a little heat to it. It was a superb combo with the peanut butter and bread, surprised me! There is a restaurant that I frequent that has various pepper jams on the menu and I always pass them up but on the right bread they are fantastic.

PS—A while back I reviewed Dave’s Killer Sin Bread “Cinnamon” bread. It is more like a nutty, seedy, cinnamon roll more than anything and it is AWESOME. Warmed up it is like an ooey gooey treat. Better than those mall buns and better for your buns!