Mix it Up!

Flanigan Farms boasts healthy trail mixes, nuts and fruits with a variety sure to please everyone. When picking a couple items from their website it was hard! I ended up getting raw almonds and the “nuts & fruit” trail mix. The raw almonds are large and taste really fresh. I love raw nuts because you have them in their purest form without oils and salts ruining them. I used half in my overnight oats recipe and the other half will be a work treat one day this week. Raw almonds are great in recipes or just on their own. Plus all the latest studies suggest that eating a handful of almonds a day helps cut down on belly fat—woo hoo! They have more nuts and trail mixes on their website. Here is the description of my trail mix:

This Gourmet Trail Mix includes:
California Almonds, Raisins,
Dates (dusted with oat flour to separate),
Cashews, Sunflower Seeds,
Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and
Dried Organic Fuyu Persimmons (when available)

A really cool feature about their website is that whatever item you pick they give you recipes to make using that product. The nuts & fruit mix had recipes for hot cereal, cookies, quick bread and something I have never heard of but sounds delicious—nutty rice.