Lemon or Limeade?

Who doesn’t love lemonade? Drinking it transports me right to a summer day. Not only does it taste amazing but it is good for you. Lemons (a citrus fruit) are yellow, nutritional powerhouses that also are a diuretic helping to cleanse the body. So what can you do with the pure squeezed lemon from Lemon Fresh? Tons! You don’t have to just drink lemonade or limeade although if you choose to instead of being sweetened with a ton of sugar you can control exactly what goes into your drink. You can use the lemon or lime juice, then add a bit of sweetener of your choice right to your taste. In addition, both are great for cooking and make it much easier than handling and storing the fruit each time you want to use it. Another idea—I LOVE a low cal salad dressing of lemon juice and a packet of sweetener. Sound simple? It is! Yum! How about a cherry-limeade like they sell at a popular drive up? Or some cocktails? The possibilities for these handy pouches are endless.