Trying new things

Tibet Authentic sent me a package of their high quality goji berries to try. Having had goji berries before I knew I loved them but more so in recipes than anything else. I had it set in my mind that they would be for breakfast the next day! I decided I would soak the goji’s overnight in the fridge to get them plump and juicy. So that is what I did. I woke up the next morning to find some of the water absorbed but not much—those goji’s are stubborn but they were a little softer. So then I did this:

Boiled 1 ½ cups water
Then added:
1/8th cup Nature’s Path Kamut Hot Cereal
2 tablespoons Flax & Co. Original Flax
½ cup rolled oats
Soaked Gojis
Some sweetener
Let it do its work… left it on the stove for 20 minutes stopping by frequently to stir. At the end I added a bit of vanilla extract, stirred then let it cool/ thicken for a few minutes.