Pasta Recipe – Easy Weeknight Dinner

I have been on a spinach kick AND was really craving pasta—they go absolutely perfect together. Here is what I did: Took a serving of Mrs. Leepers Spaghetti and boiled it until al dente. In the meantime, I put a dash of Sciabica’s Basil Flavored Olive Oil* in my pan and added a huge amount of spinach. I let the spinach wilt while the noodles were cooking. Then all there was to it was draining the pasta and mixing with the spinach/ olive oil mixture. When I had it on my plate I topped with some Chevrai Goat’s Cheese from Woolwich Dairy.

*This olive oil made the dish—it was perfectly seasoned and produced by crushing fresh olives with fresh basil. It is an all natural cold pressed olive oil that is perfect for pasta for instant pesto flavor; salads with balsamic vinegar; sandwich spread; bread dipping.