Single Servings, Portion Control and Homemade Pizza

We all know our weaknesses. Lately, I have really been looking at ways to keep my portions in check and control what goes into my mouth by cooking at home. I have found a couple of great tools to help me do that—as far as kitchen helpers I got a kitchen scale, some portion controlled bowls which I love and have been measuring more. As far as portion controlled food—some things I just know if it is available I will over indulge. One of those things? Pizza. That is why I love the single serve crusts by Rustic Crust. They are very reasonable nutritionally (and now have a gluten free option) and they keep your portion in check. I measure out my cheese and use very lean toppings and as much veggies as I like! This pizza turned out great and only needed about 10 minutes in the oven. Rustic Crust also makes an EXCELLENT sauce. For this pizza I used the Italian Herb crust and topped it with their perfectly spiced pizza sauce.