Raw Rules

You hear about Raw Food diets but do you know what they are? A raw food diet is one that is based on unprocessed and uncooked foods that are not heated enough to destroy valuable ezymes that are contained in these foods prior to cooking. These enzymes aid your body in digestion. Some of the other benefits include: increased energy, better looking skin, possible weight loss and heart health. You do not however need to become a total raw foodie to benefit from this type of diet or enjoy it for that matter. I have a good place for you to start and you will wonder if the raw way is the way of life for you! I tried Raw-Way bars that are raw, vegan and organic superfood bars packed full of vitamins. The ingredients were simple and the taste phenomenal. Each bar has a base of almonds and dates, then they vary from there to give it that perfect flavor. They are sweetened with agave and spiced with natural flavors to give you a true treat and a healthy breakfast, snack or even dessert. So far I have had the Banana Bread and Berry Sweet. I heart them both! Visit their website to learn about the bars and grab some raw recipes for your experimentation.