Things that make you go—Yum!

I am pretty sure that I figured out how Jolly Time popcorn got its name. Pop up a bag and you will be looking like this:

The folks at Jolly Time understand that snacking should be fun, healthy and in moderation—that is why they have developed so many choices with you in mind. Feel like just popping up a small snack between meals? 100 calorie bags are for you—they come in options like Butter Flavor, Kettle Corn (personal fave) and Low Sodium Butter! Want to share a light bag with a friend? You can choose from Blast O Butter Light, Butter- Licious Light, Crispy ‘n White Light or any of the 94% fat free flavors.

Sometimes though you are looking for a sweet treat and nothing but the best will do—in this case I highly suggest grabbing a bag of the “Mallow Magic” popcorn. Seriously, it is like a Rice Crispy Treat in popcorn form. Totally unreal!