Cherries, Cherries and more Cherries!

You have a couple of options here but I suggest you pick at least one of the following. Stop by one King’s Orchard family farms in Michigan (you can find their two locations online) or just start clicking to get your hands on their amazing cherry and cherry infused products including-- tart cherry juice, dried cherries, cherry capsules, jams, trail mixes, chocolate covered cherries and even salsas! The dark chocolate cherries are unbeatable. I have never had anything like it before. The cherries were perfectly sweet and really gave a nice flavor to the thick dark chocolate draped on top. They were gooey and chewy, simple and just plain delicious.

The dried cherries are the best I have ever had. Very tender and such a great tart flavor that you expect from a fresh cherry. These are great straight out of the bag or as a topping on just about anything from cereal to salads to ice cream.

Here is what you have to log on for-- Nuts About Cherries Trail Mix: A Delicious Mix of Dried Cherries, Nuts and a Bit of Berry. Makes a great trail mix on its own, or is an excellent crunchy-salty-sweet topping on salads. Ingredients: Sweetened Dried Cranberries, Roasted Salted Natural Almonds, Roasted Salted Pecans, Sweetened Dried Tart Cherries, Sweetened Dried Blueberries.