Peter Rabbit

The easter bunny sent me an early present! Okay—so it wasn’t the easter bunny but really Marich Confectionary company but it sure seemed like the easter bunny had arrived early with a huge array of treats! They have a ton of candy on their website and all of it is top quality and packaged beautifully for gift giving or just to enjoy yourself. It is rare that you eat jelly beans but with their gourmet flavors you will want to eat them year round (order online and you can).
Lets get down to the chocolates! Marich Confectionary makes the best selection of sugar-free chocolates that I have ever seen and some of the best I have ever tasted. I was lucky enough to try the Sugar free dark chocolate espresso beans, Sugar free milk chocolate caramels, sugar free double dipped chocolate coated macadamias and last but not least sugar free mocha almonds. All were delectable and I would never know they were sugar free—just gourmet chocolates. I consider myself a chocolate connoisseur and know these are some of the best!