“Clean” Pizza

Sounds like an oxymoron but it is possible. When you take a Clean Cravings crust and top it with fresh, authentic sauce from Bella Cucina Artful Foods Pomodoro’s Pizza Sauce and then add some fresh mozzarella, veggies and a dabble of meat (or not). You come out with a very healthy, craving-worthy creation. So here is mine:

I loved, loved, loved the sauce on this pizza. I can not say this enough. It is a rare occasion when I make a homemade pizza and have pizza sauce to use that is an actual dedicated pizza sauce. The Pomodoro Pizza Sauce is a classic, handmade sauce that has the perfect mixture of Italian tomatoes and herbs. Not only does Bella Cucina have pizza sauce they have a bunch of other Italian blends to help you get creative in the kitchen. I have Artichoke Pesto Sauce of theirs next in my queue.

A little about Clean Cravings—they make crusts that are pure and simple—gluten free, vegan, soy-dairy-yeast free, no trans fat, whole grains, all natural and turn out totally delicious! They have a variety of “just crusts” for you to work with but they also have actual pizzas. I did sample the Perfectly Pesto Pizza and it was delicious! All it was—a thin, crunchy crust topped with pesto, mushrooms and pinenuts! Yummmmm!