Cult Classic

Not only has Coco Wheats made its name as an old classic cereal but it is showing up everywhere—even on vintage looking t-shirts. The other day I was just strolling through the mall and I saw a girl rocking a cute vintage looking Coco Wheats shirt! You know that it much be good if people are praising their cereal love on a shirt. What could go wrong though? Coco + cereal = My favorites! Coco Wheats did not disappoint! I realized something when I was making my Coco Wheats on the stovetop— I make my own version of this multiple times per week. I will use any sort of hot grain and add cocoa powder to it. But this was even better and SO EASY. I have a passion for cereal on the stovetop but it is totally not necessary for this—you can just stick your hot cereal in the microwave. Of course when I made it I added some extras to it like egg whites for protein but the great cocoa flavor came right though. It is enriched with Calcium with everyone can use—and is made with wheat and pure cocoa—they do not add sugar or salt.