I have about 20 different fleece blankets around my house and ever single one of them has been washed a least once. After washing a fleece whether it’s a shirt, blanket, towel, or jacket, it pills up. You know those annoying little balls all over the item that makes it look like you’ve worn it every day for an entire year. I received a new fleece jacket from my employer as a gift this spring and I had to wash it for the first time. Instead of using the name brand soaps I used Kookaburra Wash it’s made with tea tree oil and lanolin. Kookaburra wash was so delicate that my fleece jacket still looks and feels brand new after washing. Only a few pills, 2 to be exact. I will be using this product for all my blankets going forward; hopefully I can revive them to their soft plush feeling again. Kookaburra is a pure planet concentrate that can be used for hand washing and in wash machines. Thanks Kookaburra for keeping my fleece items fluffy and de-pilled.